Mike Zvalaren with his family: Jaimiann (wife), James (son), Mikey (son), and Jack (son)
About Michael Zvalaren

Join Me In The Fight For a Better Future For Our Community.

Imagine the future we can create for the 123rd District, for our children and our families. Revitalizing the 123rd means a better, safer, and healthier life for all of us.

Devoted father of 3 in Blue Mountain School District.
Kitchen Designer at MRD Lumber in Bethel, PA.
History Professor at The College of New Jersey.
Loves to have his hair blow in the wind on his Harley.
MZV 4 123

How We Can Build a Better 123rd
District Together?

yellow dollar sign for economy issues


Attract new businesses, support small and local enterprises, create job opportunities, and develop sustainable economic strategies.

yellow tax papers icon for tax reform issues

Tax Reform

Ensure fiscal responsibility, transparent government spending, alleviate the tax burden on individuals and businesses, and give our money back to the people.

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Support public schools, vocational training, and partnerships with colleges and universities.

yellow road icon for infrastructure issues


Modernize our roads, bridges, public utilities, expand broadband internet access for underserved areas, and fix blighted communities.

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Address remediation of former mining sites, ensure clean water and air, and advocate for sustainable practices.

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Address shortage of healthcare professionals, support local hospitals & clinics, and tackle issues related to mental health, substance abuse, and the opioid crisis.

MZV 4 123

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